still not sure how i feel about vast suburban hellscapes. lots of conflicting emotions

i cant believe its 2014 and im googling was johnny appleseed gay

*me looking at the results of water quality test* honestly, this is such a toxic environment…

do people really think that they will be able to begin anonymous online sexual roleplay in my tumblr inbox

my aquatic bio class started the unit about government regulation of habitat today and let me tell you that is my favorite thing. like “if it scores lower than 70 on a class II taxa diversity evaluation, you need to get a permit before you build within 200 feet of it” i love this sh*t! it is by contrast with the mundane that the vibrancy of the human condition becomes fully evident!

i did benthic macroinvertebrate sampling on this stream today and i wanted to snapchat abt it but i didnt have cell service!!!