i literally lay in bed all night & don’t sleep like 40% of the time. and the other times i get 4 hours of sleep max. i would be so smart beautiful and productive if i could sleep for 8 hours just 1 night. i can’t concentrate ever and im so paranoid and twitchy and anxious and most of it is probably because i cant sleep!


*flirting* so what fruit do you have in your town

me: Asimina triloba, the pawpawpaw pawpaw-paw, or common pawpaw, is a species of Asimina (the pawpaw genus) in the same plant family (theAnnonaceae) as the custard-applecherimoyasweetsopylang-ylang and soursop. The pawpaw is native to the Eastern, Southern, and MidwesternUnited States and adjacent southernmost OntarioCanada, from New York west to southeastern Nebraska, and south to northern Florida and easternTexas.[1][2] The pawpaw is a patch-forming (clonal) understory tree found in well-drained, deep, fertile bottom-land and hilly upland habitat, with large, simple leaves and large fruits. The paw paw is the largest edible fruit indigenous to the United States.[2]

im trying to be really space age lately i love going through like weeklong phases! that’s this years yearlong phase (going through weeklong phases). i want people to look at me and think “this person has skateboarded on the moon”

just bit into the most flavorless peach i hate september

i wish i had an extra $19.95/month so i could cast aside my flesh prison and upgrade to a Flesh Prison Platinum Account, allowing me to access the unused 90% of my brain

Anonymous asked:
please grow a beard

this is contrary to my “weasel boy” aesthetic